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The Service Organization Board

Our Heritage and Tradition is a devoted commitment to building a reservoir of innovative skills for the promotion of the sports of snow skiing and snowboarding; to fulfilling our responsibility for applying these capabilities to the advancement of our membership and the African-American community.

It is our Fundamental Belief that America's performance in the sport of Alpine and Nordic skiing will be significantly enhanced by the inclusion of minorities on her international competition teams; and that, moreover, the cause of African-Americans will be advanced by our participation in the sport. To that end, we will develop and support an on-going youth program, which emphasizes the sport of snow skiing while simultaneously offering opportunities for educational growth, motivational enhancement and community involvement. We have always recognized that our members are our most valuable asset and it has and always will be a major objective to maintain a caring environment, which nurtures their creativity and involvement, and encourages them to participate to their fullest potential.

The Principle Keys of Our Success are: to be strongly member-focused; to operate ethically, honestly and openly; to recognize and reward achievements; and to satisfy our membership by Four Seasons West Ski & Snowboard Club providing high quality, low cost and timely activities.

Our Challenge is to become a world class ski club by successfully applying our reservoir of skills to the development of activities and programs, which will stimulate our memberships' interest and, in turn, motivate them to invest their time, energy and commitment to the benefit of the ski club and the organizations to which we belong.

We Aim To Be The Best At Everything We Do. We will enter each ski season as an acknowledged provider of quality activities and programs. Our teams and our people continue to demonstrate their athletic prowess and their leadership abilities. We must continue to be innovative in our approach to the issues which face us.

Our Goal Is To Be Recognized Nationally as a leading innovative, member driven ski and snowboard club — serving the needs of the Los Angeles African- American community while providing proactive support and leadership to the National Brotherhood of Skiers, the Los Angeles Ski Council and the Chamonix-Roca Racing League.

- Ben Finley, Co-Founder

Mentoring the Future
At Four Seasons West, we take pride in supporting hundreds of youths and their parents. It is an honor to be a part of the lives of the youth in our community. Please join us in our endeavor to influence another generation.

Club with a Purpose
Celebrating 45 Years of Purpose! You don't get 45 Years of history without purpose!

4SW is a skiing and snowboarding club designed to create a social atmosphere that delivers a quality of lifestyle to pass on to the generations to come.

Join us Every 1st Tuesday of each Month! See how you can be a part of this dynamic group of individuals devoted to make a change in the way they live!

Four Seasons West Ski & Snowboard Club

I am pleased to announce the "newly" elected officers for 2012-2014:

Clifford Sims, Jr.

Vice President:

Joshua Erwin

Beverly Kendrick

Patrick Holloway